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Electronic Roulette Karma GEN2 – Queen of Casinos

Roulette Game

The essence of the Electronic Roulette game is easy, the spin of the wheel,

the flick of the ball and the rush to place bets. That’s why so many players 

love a good game of roulette and that’s also why Karma Roulette is

bound to succeed on any casino floor. Karma Electronic Roulette

comes as Automated, Virtual or Live or any combination thereof

depending on your preferences.

Roulette Topper

By integrating the topper on to the electronic roulette, operators

increase the visibility of the game across the casino and invite

players to join in. Depending on the specific solution of choice, the

roulette topper can also be utilized to increase the visibility of the

Jackpot System.

Erron - Spintec Roulette - KARMA Gen 2

Progressive Jackpot System

With integrating Progressive Jackpot System in the electronic roulette,

casino owners gain considerable advantage over the competitors. When choosing Progressive Jackpot System operators can decide whether they want the roulette machine to further incentivize the full-number bets by automatically including them in the Jackpot System, or simply run the Jackpot as a side bet.

Erron - Spintec Roulette - Karma Gen 2
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Progressive Jackpot interface3.jpg

A bet on a full number is included in

the progressive Jackpot.

A random lucky number is picked right after the bets are closed and before the ball drops.

If the winning number is the same as the lucky number, and the player has bet on it, the player wins the Jackpot.