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Our KVI Games & Cabinets 

lucky cards cabinet xx.png
Erron - Book of Cards Title

Six Deal

Six Deal Upper.png
Six Deal Lower.png

Monkey Card

Monkey Card Upper.png
Monkey Card Lower.png

Aztek Card

Aztek Upper.png
Aztek Lower.png

Six Card

Six Card Upper.png
Six Card Lower.png

The Belgian Law

All our games, software and cabinets comply with the legal standards.

For Belgium, we must provide our KVI-Cabinets with approved games and software (Gaming Commission) and also provided with an

Eid-Card Reader and GPRS system.

For any other country, we always respect and develop our games and software to the legal standards of your gaming business.

Our KVI Cabinets

VIV Cabinet

lucky cards cabinet_clipped_rev_1.png
lucky cards cabinet xx.png

Domino Cabinet

Single or double screen

domino b o c.png
domino 2 screen b o c.png
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